Don’t rain on our parade

On the 10th of March, over 30,000 people took to the streets of Amsterdam in the pouring rain. From youths chanting “Our future, our choice!”, to grandmothers carrying the faces of their grandkids, to groups who knitted blankets large enough to cover houses in protest of oil, everyone came together with a shared message: Stop destroying the planet, there’s no time to lose.

Photography by Marjolijn van Raaij

We talked to one of our fellow protesters and Leiden University students, Niek Veen, on what students can do to get more involved in fighting climate change:

“If students want to do something about any political issue, there is always the possibility to join an action group or any political party for that matter. That way students can get a voice in deciding which topics get on the agenda, they can participate in actions to raise awareness about the issue and it puts them in contact with other people who want to take action and with people who are able to take action.”

For the issue of climate change and protecting the environment, Niek suggests the GroenLinks (Green Left) Party, Partij voor de Dieren (Party for the Animals), and organisations like Fossielvrij!