Content Policy

We want works that only you could create: Works that ground and contextualise themselves in lived experience, personal perspectives or ideas which challenge the status quo.

If you have a story to share, a moment in time you wish to capture in words or pictures, or ideas so important you can no longer keep it to yourself, share it with us.

Our Editorial Standards

From the Entrepot Charter:

Nature of Content

As a publication created on principles of inclusion and diversity, Entrepot should not serve as a platform for hate, discrimination or exclusion. Hate speech and discriminatory content will not be published.

It should be emphasised that the magazine should not be averse to controversy. Contributors should be free to adopt political stances in their content, so long as these stances do not include hate speech or discriminatory content.

Quality of Content

Entrepot seeks to maintain high editorial standards. Entrepot defines these standards as meaning content which adds value to pre-existing works through untold stories or unseen perspectives.

Entrepot does not seek to replicate pre-existing content simply through the lens of a student. The works of this publication should be of interest and worth not only to students, but also to the general public.

For journalistic works, contributors are encouraged to read the Associated Press Style Guide. Strict adherence to the AP Style Guide is not required.